February 24, 2018

Need to unearth Cavern photos

Cavern studio letterhead, provided by Tom Sorrells

Tom Sorrells, a great friend of the Kansas City Rock History Project, has a request. He needs photos of the former Cavern Studios in Independence, Mo., for a project he is undertaking with Chicago’s esteemed Numero Group.
Cavern was active at least from the 1960s to 1980s. As evidenced by these 2 photos at (Jim) Wheeler Audio’s website, not only local acts, but giants like James Brown recorded there.
Tom has rescued some great trax from the Cavern vaults, but he needs more pix for a package that will meet Numero’s deluxe standard.
BTW, if you haven’t heard it, Tom’s first project with Numero, a history of his pure-pop Titan label, is available in both 2-CD and expanded, 4-LP versions here.
If you have any Cavern photos, friend/message Tom Sorrells on facebook or email him at: titanitsallpop@yahoo.com. Kansas City rock history will thank you.


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