February 24, 2018

Calling all shutterbugs!

Jimi posed backstage with morning DJ "Humble" Harry Miller from concert sponsor KUDL-AM.

Among the holy grails of the Kansas City Rock History Project, in terms of photos, is the Jimi Hendrix Experience concert Nov. 1, 1968, at Municipal Auditorium.
If anyone out there has photos of Jimi, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell on stage in Kansas City, please be in touch with me. And anyone who attended, please feel free to share your memories by commenting below.

Ad for Jimi in The KC Star

I have found some ads for the concert, whose opening act was Cat Mother and All-Night Newsboys, on the back of a KUDL Boss 30 survey and in the Kansas City Star.
My other top photo wants are, of course, the Beatles Sept. 17, 1964, at Municipal Stadium and the Who (with the Buckinghams) Nov. 17. 1967, at Shawnee Mission South High School Auditorium. I am looking for candid photos of the Who — something besides the 1968 yearbook spread.
I am also searching for snaps of such concerts as Led Zeppelin Nov. 5, 1969, at Memorial Hall, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Feb. 1, 1978, at Pogo’s, and any of Elvis Presley’s five KC concerts: May 24, 1956, Nov. 15, 1971, and June 29, 1974, at Municipal Auditorium, and April 21, 1976, and June 18, 1977, at Kemper Arena.
If you have photos of these shows or any others you are willing to share with the Kansas City Rock History project, please write to rick@kcrockhistory.com. History will thank you.


  1. Nelson Clark says:

    Just happened to hit this site after trying to prove to my son of my experiences at the the KC Hendrix concert. Does anyone out there remember me from the Mission Music Pro Shop? I happened to be sitting on the second row in the middle at the concert. I also had the great pleasure of helping string Hendrix’s new strats backstage. Fender shipped them in brand new and they were strung right handed. I’m also looking for pictures of the Who concert, Zepplin concert and all of the other concerts in the 67-70 time period. Also trying to find Mike Waggoner (Wagner) who promoted some concerts and was manager of a music store, also played with Morningstar. Remember the Zepplin concert when Bonham got so drunk that Zep almost walked off stage…I sat behind Bonham and held him up so he could finish the concert. What a night!!! Mission Music furnished the Marshal Amps for that show….on and on….contact me please for photos etc…..sincerely, Nelson Clark

  2. Dave O'Meilia says:

    That may have been the newspaper ad, but that is not the opening act that played. I was there. It was the first of only two concerts I ever attended while in high school living in Atchison, Kansas. I played lead guitar in a band. My entire band went to KC to see Jim Hendrix in 1968 at Memorial Hall (our band venue in Atchison was also Memorial Hall so I will never forget). The opening act for The Jimi Hendrix Experience was Quicksilver Messenger Service with John Cippolina. I went home and immediately bought the album and learned to play Pride of Man. My band then also went to KC and saw Iron Butterfly and the Grateful dead early in 1969 at a different venue than where we saw Hendrix and Quicksilver Messenger Service. I graduated from high school in May, 1969 and the day after graduation moved to Ponca City, Oklahoma and the only concerts I ever attended after that were in Tulsa. Never heard of Cat Mother and the All-Night Newsboys. Contact me if you want more details. I have contacted the lone band member still around and he confirmed and says is going to search for the photos of Hendrix, Redding and Mitchell he took. I tape recorded it on an old RCA cassette recorder but unfortunately the cassette broke.

  3. Claire Pringle says:

    I attendedt that show. The great predictor Maurice Woodruff said the ceiling would cave in because the music would be too loud. Everyone watched the ceiling except us! He was absolutely awesome!

  4. Nelson,

    Curious, as to this info, “I also had the great pleasure of helping string Hendrix’s new strats backstage. Fender shipped them in brand new and they were strung right handed. ” So, Jimi used a right handed Strat upside down and strung with the low E string where the 1st string would normally be? Can you confirm?


  5. Mike Epstein says:

    Hendrix was amazing! But he was at Municipal Auditorium, not Memorial Hall. I remember doing an oil painting of Jimi and giving it to Mike Waggoner to give to him, whether it ever got ot him or is hanging on Mike’s wall, who knows. Mike was our manager at the time and had something to do with the concert. I was in a band call the Gross National Product along with Joel Wienberg, Andy Thomas and Neal Passman. I recollect all of us in the band going together but Neal insists he di not go with us! Who can remember after all those years. There are photos of the Who from Shawnee Mission South where I went to Hhigh school and the Led Zepplin concert that I took on my Facebook page if you want to check them out.

  6. Also, note that “Humble Harry” is Eric Chase who went on to become a major Texas and California radio personality. Eric is now a voice over artist in Houston TX.

  7. I was at this concert!! Changed my life forever! This concert is the reason I work in music today. (Assistant Public Relations Director – Jazz at Lincoln Center – NYC) Jimi Hendrix is the MAN!! They are still trying to catch up to him today.

    I remember distinctly, Hendrix wore purple with knee-high white boots with the pants tucked in. Noel Redding had on all pink – bell bottoms etc. Mitch Mitchell – behind the drums – not sure what he was wearing. Hendrix humped his amp, smashed his guitar – the whole bit! I was in the front row – at the stage with my friend, Chip. I remember reaching for a sliver of wood from his smashed Strat – when a cop stepped on my arm to stop me. LONG LIVE ROCK!!!

  8. Mike Meyer says:

    Both myself and Henry Laurent were stage security for the Hendrix performance. We were employed by Municipal Auditorium. Henry had to get up on my shoulders due to the crush of the crowd. Anyone with pictures of Jimi would remember Henry because we were right in front of him down in front of the stage. Before Jimi started his show he was behind the curtain kissing a great looking blonde lady. He laid his round purple glasses on the top of the speakers which I scarfed up after the show. Also scooped up a number of torquoise beads. Henry scarfed a large peace metal necklace with leather strap Jimi dropped. If anyone was withe Hendrix before the show was sure to see him wearing the glasses. Cat Mother was the first act for sure, remember the violin playing man who kicked ass?

    By the way, Henry kept his Security jacket on as he rocked on my shoulders………we were both fired!

    It was worth it!

    Still have his glasses and beads!

    Mike Meyer
    Washington High School Class of 68′

  9. Barry Shank says:

    This was the first concert I ever attended. Way in the back in the balcony. My main memory was that Hendrix broke a string during “Fire.” Redding and Mitchell kept playing the rhythm track for what seemed like forever, while Hendrix changed the string. I also remember that the set ended with him pushing his Strat into the Marshall stacks so furiously that they fell over. And definitely, Cat Mother was the opening act.

  10. I was first row lower level balconey to the left of the stage–really close. I thought he broke the string during Fire–someone handed him a replacement guitar from behind his amps–he hurridly tuned it up while Mitchell and Redding played their part over and over–Hendrix then stepped back up the mic and said “Thanks for waitin’ “. Seems like he did most if not all his first album–Little Wing from Axis–Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Red House. I have heard people say he did The Star Spangled Banner but I don’t remember that at all.

    Anyone remember this Indian guy named Don Knapp? He jumped up on the stage and a security guy appeared and ran around from behind the amps and sent him FLYING out into the audience.

  11. Meredith Gordon says:

    I have a couple of photos of Jimi and one of Noel from that show. You are welcome to copies if you want.

  12. If anybody has photos from this Nov. 1, 1968 Hendrix concert in K.C. – please send me an email copy! I was at this show! :-)

  13. did not make the concert. but, i remember the review in the k.c. times/star. they were never flattering. my best memories were around 40th. and troost, the town hall. it was where black artist mostly performed but i did see james browns show for the entire family. kids were .99cents tickets

  14. John Opel says:

    We were at the concert. It was definitely at Municipal Auditorium. I vividly remember the bright purple outfit with the tall white boots. This was a black man in 1968 dressed like that playing guitar to an all white audience like nobody had ever heard before. Saying he was ahead of his time would not do him justice. He was a true “freak” of nature. (no pun intended) By the way, “let your freak flag fly” was one on his lyrics, not Crosby, Still, and Nash.

    One other thing, several people around us got up and left, because they thought he was too Loud!! Are you kidding me. I just wish I had kept my ticket stub. How would you know that he would only live until the fall of 1970.

    Meredith, would love to see any photos you have from way back then. THX, John O.

  15. Michael Tremain says:

    I was there as well. I could have sworn the opening act was the Loving Spoonful???

  16. I remember seeing Jimi But I believe it was at the KC Auto show and the opening act was The Strawberry Alarm Clock. I don’t think he was even a name at the time :) The stages were set up all around the arena at Municipal Auditorium and I remember just wandering around listening to various artists playing. I would like to know who the other acts were for that. I am getting old lol. I really think Janis Joplin was there also but maybe that was at a different time.

  17. guitarlizard says:

    November 01, 1968 Municipal Auditorium Kansas City, MO.
    We were jammed up against stage (I had terrible ingrown toenail and wearing mocassin boots trying to avoid getting stepped on), money, jewelry,etc. flying onto stage like rain. The Marshall cabinets very ragged, could not hear Mitch Mitchell from this spot. The cat who hopped on stage and then body blocked back in was very close in proximity to us. We also had a view of the guy (who knocked the guy back in crowd) holding up Jimi’s speaker cabinets keeping them from completely falling over. The set started off with Spanish Castle Magic and the set did include The Star Spangled Banner. Jimi rode that Vox wah-wah like a skateboard! Cat Mother and The All Night News boys did a fine opening set. This show was partly promoted by KUDL-1380 am. WHB was a bit scared to be connected to it.

  18. I sent you a few low quality photos a while back, don’t see them posted here. Seeing Jimi was my FIRST rock concert ever, and literally changed my life. I went from being a person who listened to music, to being a person who PLAYED music. The very first number was “Are You Experienced” and it so electrified my brother and me that we zoomed down from the second balcony onto the floor to get a little closer. (concert security was much looser than).
    Steve D.

  19. OMG that picture is SO cool! I must show that to my brteohr later. That’s so cool of Jimi to pick up a copy, how nice of him LOLAnd thanks for the link That’s awesome! -Maddz

  20. Soulshine John says:

    >>>Shelley says:
    July 21, 2014 at 9:53 am

    I remember seeing Jimi But I believe it was at the KC Auto show and the opening act was The Strawberry Alarm Clock. I don’t think he was even a name at the time :) The stages were set up all around the arena at Municipal Auditorium and I remember just wandering around listening to various artists playing. I would like to know who the other acts were for that. I am getting old lol. I really think Janis Joplin was there also but maybe that was at a different time.<<<<

    You are thinking of another show – The KUDL Fun Fair – Also @ Municipal Aud.- in June 1969. Strawberry Alarmclock, The Cowsills, Iron Butterfly & Wilson Pickett over four days. And if I remember correctly, you're right! It was around the Car Show. And there were bands set up all around the auditorium. We went on Thurs. and ran into Doug Ingle and a couple of the other guys from Iron Butterfly.

    Somebody else mentioned coming to town to see Iron Butterfly. THAT show was my 16th birthday – 2/5/1969 at (Soldiers & Sailors) Memorial Hall over in KC, Kansas. Off Minnesota Blvd. The Grateful Dead was also on the bill that night. I believe their 1st show in KC!
    Jimi Hendrix Experience only played KCMO the one time. Fri 11-1-68 @ Municipal w/Cat Mother opening.


  21. James Jeffers says:

    I remember seeing the Jimi Hendrix concert on November 1st
    1968 in KC mo.We were sitting way up in the top row of the place
    when my friend Bill Suggested we move down to the stage. We walked
    Right through the downstairs doors and went right up to the stage.
    It was an incredible wall of sound. JIMI played with his teeth and
    at one point came within 3 feet of me. I told this story to many young
    People where I worked and they couldn’t believe me. I don’t know
    If they were surprised that I was that old or the fact that I got so close
    To the great one! We could have never gotten that close today.
    I could have reached out and touched him. Too bad he died so young!
    If he were alive today he could ask any amount of money and get it!

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