February 24, 2018

Need info on Freedom Palace, 1970-72

From The Westport Trucker

Among the places about which I am sorely lacking information – photos, ticket stubs, etc. – is Freedom Palace, the former Pla-Mor Ballroom at 3140 Main St. As noted in this item (at left) from The Westport Trucker, during its 1970-72 lifespan, Freedom Palace played host to such acts as The Who, Sly & the Family Stone and It’s a Beautiful Day. Please leave a comment comment below with your Freedom Palace memories, or contact rick@kcrockhistory.com directly if you can help with artifacts!

Ad for Canned Heat show on KUDL Boss 30 survey


  1. John Loschke says:

    The Who concert was a riot. Almost had to kick the crap out of Daltrey. Fuse box kept being over loaded when he would plug the fan in. The fan was beinbg used to blow his hair for that windblown look. What a friggin egomaniac. All the other guys in the band were great, even Townsend defended me. Was a great period in my life, learned a lot. Saw some great shows, met some wonderful folks, some of whom I still communicate with. I remember specifically Painting the colored rectangles on the front outside. The light show with Randy, Embry, Rick and all the others. Eating PB&J & lunch meat sandwiches while we were under construction. Packing the boling alleys up from a lower level of the PlaMor to build the stage and building an apartment in the back where Rusty and I lived. Lots and lots of memories. Bye for now.

  2. Hieronymus says:

    I went to 2 or 3 concerts there in 1970-1971. One concert by “Its a Beautiful Day” turned out to be a jam session, since the lead female singer was not there. No seats, everyone sit on the floor and had a good time.

  3. Remember Freedom Place from the Summer of 70. Saw Eric Burdon & War, Sweetwater, Quicksilver and Grand Funk RR. And maybe a couple of others I have forgotten, because, well, it was 1970. All good shows; had not heard of Sweetwater, but they put on a great show.

  4. Soulshine John says:

    Spring 1970. Me and some friends are walking up Main and pass this dude painting clouds (or maybe rectangles?) on the front of a building. We chatted him up and he told us of this marvelous palace they were putting together. Freedom Palace. It was either Jim or John Loschke. If I remember correctly, 2 brothers that put the place together. One was talking to us – the other was in the poke. He invited us inside and laid out their plans for this Palace. Concert room, no seats, artificial turf indoors, bring your blankets. Head shop, music store, restaurant, I don’t remember what else. Great guy. Treated a bunch of suburban kids like family. I did liquid lightshows and he invited me to run up to the balcony and watch the lightshow guys/gals practicing. (I still do liquids and just met a guy at Doug Long’s Longfest who told me one of his parents worked the lightshow @ Freedom Palace!!!!)
    Anyway… the ad above for the Canned Heat show 5/8/70 was the opening night for Freedom Palace. The summer after Woodstock we got to see a bunch of the performers in KC.
    We also went down one night to see Pink Floyd. But they had everything stolen in New Orleans the day prior and had to cancel. We didn’t find until they announced from the stage that there would be no Pink Floyd. BUT!!! If you wanted to stay they had some new band out of Michigan in town and you could either cash in your Floyd ticket, or stay around and see the KC premiere of Grand Funk Railroad!

    John Loschke, God Bless you and your brother. Thanks for those few years. It was magical!!! Everybody talks about Cowtown, and it was great too. But Freedom Palace was the original. Never forget the Who show. Damn that was hot. (Never heard the story that it was Daltry who kept blowing the fuses! That’s funny.)

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