January 22, 2018

Need info on Freedom Palace, 1970-72

From The Westport Trucker

Among the places about which I am sorely lacking information – photos, ticket stubs, etc. – is Freedom Palace, the former Pla-Mor Ballroom at 3140 Main St. As noted in this item (at left) from The Westport Trucker, during its 1970-72 lifespan, Freedom Palace played host to such acts as The Who, Sly & the Family Stone and It’s a Beautiful Day. Please leave a comment comment below with your Freedom Palace memories, or contact rick@kcrockhistory.com directly if you can help with artifacts!

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  1. Rozanna Eastland says:

    I remember The Westport Trucker in my younger years at Volker Park…..those were the days! I’d love to be able to find a copy of it.

  2. John Loschke says:

    I was there from the bginning to the end.

  3. Pola Firestone says:

    My most vivid memory of Freedom Palace was the Who concert in the summer of 1971 (?). It was extremely hot outside and with no air conditioning, brutal inside. The Who’s equipment kept breaking down, drinks were $1.00, if you could get any, and finally, the concert managers just threw ice on all of us. We sat on astroturf, because there were no seats. It was crazy.

  4. John Loschke, beginning to end for what? I’m desperately trying to find people who actually REMEMBER Freedom Palace. I get so many people talking about how great it was but they can’t remember much because of the times and the drugs, etc. I can’t seem to find anyone who remembers details or even the full names of people who worked there, etc.

  5. Steve crawford says:

    I saw Sweetwater their…was my first concert…And I still have a copy of the Westport trucker…they used to sell them in the lobby of the Cowtown Ball Room…

  6. Having returned to KC after more than forty years away, I find myself searching the Web for some of the old days. I’m finding a lot of references for Freedom Palace and Westport Trucker in relation to 1970-1972. Problem is that I left KC on the day the Chiefs won the Superbowl; January 11, 1970.

    I had been selling Westport Truckers and going to Freedom Palace for at least a couple of years by then. And yes, it’s like the old saying goes, “If you can remember the 60’s. you weren’t there!” and I surely can’t remember who said it;^)

    Boutiques and second hand records in the entryway, artificial grass on the floor (pre-astroturf), silent films on the back wall, concessions were in the balcony, where they never had any food or drinks for sale, but the lights were cool.

    Sugarloaf (Green-eyed Lady) was the biggest band I ever saw there, but I have since seen a lot of references and pictures of ticket stubs for Joplin, Cocker and even the Electro-Magnets, from whence Eric Johnson came.

    I’ve recently heard a lot of horn blowing and a movie about the Kansas City Cow Palace. I would suspect that there was some association between the Cow Palace and Freedom, as they were so much alike. (having seen the movie). Maybe you could get some of the CP guys to admit there former affiliation with Freedom! Sorry I didn’t know anyone who worked there. Lot of lost friends though; love to find them.

    Feel free to write back.

  7. J.L. Bousman says:

    I met Eric Burdon he was with “War” at the time. I also met Alan “Blind Owl” Christie Wilson singer of Canned Heat – a truly sweet man- There were so many others – this was the way of getting to meet and to know your favorite band members up close and personal – no security was ever needed. This was pure Love and Entertainment in its purest form. I miss the Freedom Palace, it was my home away from home.

  8. Larry Sands says:

    My Band was “Bartok’s Mountain” … Played in K C from 1966 thru 1970. Was org. ” the 19th Century Sound Affair”
    Members were : Larry Sands, Dan Noger , Steve Werner, and Bob Hertzog. Opened for Sly and Family Stone at Freedom Palace in 1969. Played at “the Place ” in Westport with the” Mystic Number National Bank”Opened for Led
    Zeplin at Memorial Hall I think… 1968. Everyone’s dead but me and Dan.

  9. Claire Pringle Lenz says:

    I saw Canned Heat open the place, and every single band that was there! The Winter Brothers, The Who, Grand Funk Railroad, Tommy James and the Shondells, It’s a Beautiful Day, the list goes on and on. What fabulous memories I have of that place!

  10. Mike Epstein says:

    I saw Canned Heat also when it opened, the Who play Tommy, Eric Burdon and War with his opening band Kansas, the rest is a fog! Saw Bartok’s Mountain open for Led Zepplin at Memorial Hall and worked for Larry Sands for 15 years,

  11. Doug Hughes says:

    I saw several shows at Freedom Palace. What a cool place. The entrance off Main street entered a small corridor where a record shop was located on the left side, it then proceeded into the ballroom. The grass floor only lasted a few shows because people ripped it out or it just wore off. There is a brief image of the outside of Freedom Palace in the film ‘Cowtown Ballroom- Sweet Jesus’ becuase Stan Plesser and others had started Freedom Palace before moving to Cowtown.

    Canned Heat came out and Bob Hite said ‘ We’ve been drinking and smoking backsatage and now we are ready to boogie!’ I remember their was a very primitive computer art projection on the wall behind the stage that was akin to a spiragraph image that moved.

    The Who show was amazing, my first time to see them,. Yes is was miserably hot and the PA kept blowing fuses. Dalty hurled his microphoine at the back wall in frustration at one point. They played their full set, as evidenced by a bootleg recording I found on the internet. OldKC.com has pictures of them at that show.

    Pink Floyd were scheduled to play there in 1970, the ballroom was full of people eagerly awating for their minds to be blown. An announcement came over from the stage that Pink Floyd would not be playing tonight because their equipment had been stolen in New Orleans a few days before. People who wanted their money back could walk to the front and get a refund and half the audience got up and left. The opening band became the headliner-Grand Funk Railroad and Bloodrock opened for them. That was a great show despite not getting to see Floyd til their 1972 Memorial Hall show.

    Some other shows there included Ten Years After and Quicksilver Messenger Service but I didn’t see them. There is also a bootleg of the Quicksilver show on-line but it’s incompete.

  12. Debbie Johnson says:

    I, too, was at the first concert at Freedom Palace. Canned Heat!! I thought I remembered a carnival in the parking lot and sitting on hay bales.

  13. Larry, didn’t Jimmy McAllister play in Bartok’s Mountain?

  14. Art FitzSimmons says:

    I did light shows at Freedom Palace. The last show I ever did was The Who show. Daltry had it put in his contract that there would be “no distracting visuals” when he was on stage. End of the light show era. We were called Aurora Visuals and they would bring us in from time to time to back up the house light show. We were from StL and would drive out the entire light show in my 1970 VW bus. It was so paced my partner or I had lay under the equipment in the back if we were not driving. FYI I was the guy throwing ice and water off the balcony at Who because we had access to it.

  15. Chuck Pisano says:

    I saw Sly & The Family Stone at Freedom Palace. The opening band was Bloodrock. One of the best shows I had seen during that period.

  16. I remember seeing Poco, Grand Funk Railroad, Bloodrock, The Who, Mountain, and Sly and the Family Stone at Freedom Palace. There was a music store and a record store in the hallway leading to the main room. This was the first real rock music venue for major shows in KC other than the public venues like Memorial Hall in K.C. KS and Municipal Auditorium in K.C. MO. Cowtown Ballroom took the place of Freedom Palace as the favorite young people’s destination for concerts after Freedom Palace closed. But, like Freedom Palace, it was short lived, albiet legendary.

    My band, Riverrock, was formed the last summer of Cowtown Ballroom (1974), but never played there. We did, however, play at Memorial Hall and Municipal Auditorium in the years following the closing of those venues.

    Riverrock is still performing and, through March of 2013, historic artifacts of the band will be on display at the Kansas City Museum in Union Station as part of the “Science of Rock & Roll” exhibit along with memorabilia from The Rainmakers and the actual mirror ball from Cowtown Ballroom. Riverrock and The Rainmakers were inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame in 2011.

  17. Stephen Hodgden says:

    Freedom Palace was built with small money and strong hands by local “heads” with the intention of creating an “alternate” flight from the confines of south kansas city and overland park. A large venue for national and regional rock groups and a stage for local talent. A ballroom with extra space for by-products of hippiedom. By no stretch of the imagination was it a similar version of Cowtown. A huge coalition of high interests made this Kansas City historical event happen. A small business proposition, embellished and supported by young local citizens, without bothersome lawyers and bankers, gave us an important historical landmark. Those that were among the franchised and worked their fingers to the bone are witness to tales beyond your local broadcast news.

  18. I had friends that stayed at the Trucker House. Found two. Would like to find Steve and Kathy.
    I was given my first plant as a gift there. I named it Elmira. Kept it alive until my house fire in 1983
    Ring a bell to anyone?

  19. Mark Haanstad says:

    I ran the carbon arc spotlight at F.P. most nights.(Except the J.Winter show because I blew my opening cue and hit Johnny with a green spot . “Johnny ain’t no Martian”,I was told by the Road Manager,and their lighting guy took over,which didn’t bother me cuz then I was in the front row all night ..LOL! ) I was there pretty much from the start..(They were just finishing the stage)
    It was the coolest building in the city. There was so much space in that place that could of been used for a club and more retail space. If I remember right, the Westport Free Clinic was looking to use the North side offices. So many people put so much free time into that place it was a shame to see it go. I had a reel to reel at the time,which KUDL used in their booth. They supposedly taped The Heat show,but I never saw the tape.
    I remember John Lochsek as a manager.
    I’m not sure that The Who played their full set…I was asked to do something at that show that I can’t tell here,because it could have been really bad. The way I remember they only played 4 songs,before the power blew and their road manager stopped the show for safety reasons. (Bad things man!)
    My coolest memory of that show was Rodger Daltry walking the ramp backstage with a BOAC flight bag over his shoulder, playing harp, after they ended. I said I was sorry about the bad wiring, he nodded and said “me too” and went back to the harp. The reason it was so packed was there had been fake tix printed. We had to load all their stuff up the fire escape. ..or maybe it was Bloodrock. (Another story)

    Rainbow..I have no Idea where S+K are,but ,I remember you and the scaffold races(?)..

    Stephan Hodgen….I used to sing Beatles in your parents basement . You are right… nothing like Cowtown ,although I do wish Good Karma would have taken it over.

  20. the place freedom palace home places for a while, the who gave my buddy his american flag vest after the show handed it down to him from stage. have a picture of him playing in it at volker park weeks after got sprayed with pepper spray that day and had to help my date take off her clothes and clean them out so she wouldn’t stink. booked there once on some all day marathon with fat angel the best band at the time from st. joe area being promoted by radio guy from denver sat back stage had a hash rock red as fire shoot though the pipe and burn my throat out. met my man jon gourley around that time and learned how a light show was done right. he did many and the place in westport and is still around the area. great great guy a true early hippie with talent and knew where the light thing was headed. watched a guy roll a joint using a extra large baby ruth wrapper with what must have been an ounce of weed in it and he passed it around freedom palace and it seemed like it hit every body there that night. i know the girl who’s first job was picking up the trash out of the funeral grass after the shows she saw it all from front and back stage we just had dinner tonight for christmas classy successful lady knows the rock world of kc from ground up. and works it to this day. lots of other stuff man but my hands hurt peace

  21. David Haggard says:

    I remember walking up the stairs to the ballroom in a cloud of smoke and patchouli with black lights and posters lining the stairway. Saw Mountain with Leslie West, Corky Laing and Felix Papalardi (who had produced the Cream albums). When Leslie West entered from the back of the stage it was clear why they called the band “Mountain”. The guy was huge. His Les Paul looked like a toy in his hands. The sound was huge too.

  22. Donn Fowler says:

    My brother worked there for a while. My understanding was that some folks actually “lived” there. I saw my first electric hash pipe in the shop there. One time there was a local band set up in the lobby. Had a state flag of Kansas draped over the keyboards. Johnny Winter And was one of the best shows I have ever seen anywhere. We stood right at the front of the stage. Someone I was with threw joints on the stage. Rick Derringer walked up picked some up and put them in the back of his amp all whille still playing.

  23. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    Does anyone remembers a Band from 1970-72 called “Bulbous Creation”…?
    They used to play at the “Volker Park” and at the “Cowtown Ballroom”…

    Kind regards


  24. tad ransford says:

    saw several groups there. only one i really remember was mountain. all three played they’re asses off and leslie west was frightening.

  25. bonniee collins says:

    anyone remember fat frank and the magic circus.his ole lady came to freedom palace on halloween naked with clothes painted on her body.also any one who knew about the westport trucker would know about coded messages,anyone remember the meaning of the train has arrived.

  26. bonniee collins says:

    those were the days.would not trade the memories of my youth for anything.

  27. bonniee collins says:

    cowtown ballroom came after freedom palace.anyone remember being tear gassed at volker park.if you remember any of this i probably know you from years gone by.peace and love be with you were still all about love

  28. bonniee collins says:

    remember the sign coffee shop,katz drug store,mr.natural.if you do you were a product of the 60 s or 70 s

  29. Teresa Daws says:

    Oh, Bonnie, after reading posts on Cowtown, I’ve been trying to remember the name of the coffee house off of Westport Rd. and Main St. by Katz. The Sign! My first experience hanging out in Westport (only 16 at the time). I also remember seeing The Who and Sly & Family Stone at Freedom Palace. It’s all coming back…Westport Trucker too.

  30. Dana Gibson says:

    I was stationed at Fort Riley, Ks from 69-71 so we’d drive to KC for entertainment. I saw Mountain at the Freedom Palace. That was a great show. The Mountain albums are still favorites.
    Leslie West has a new album coming out next week. Sounds good….
    Too bad there isn’t a video of that concert. I might have a ticket stub somewhere…..when I find all my souvenirs I’ll post a picture (if it’s interesting at all).

  31. I spent many hours sitting on the steps while my room mate David Martz painted a mural. You could see it as you went sown the steps to leave. It was a mural of Casperland, which was a place in David’s imagination. There were forest characters floating down a stream on leaves, etc. They were all people in his world. He gave us all names. I was Betty Bottom the Bottom Lady of Casperland.
    David was Frank Martz, the owner of Tiny Tim’s Magic Circus. Myself, David and my boyfriend Don Christensen were with Frank and Donna at the Halloween party. Donna painted her body to look like a flag. She was a stripper and Tiny Tim was her python she used in her act.
    I would do anything to find David. If anyone knows what happened to him please post. Their family lived in Belton at the time. Frank spent many years in prison. Don’t know if he is out or not.
    Those were the best times anyone could have ever experienced.

  32. John Hanlon says:

    I have been trying to find David’s brother, Steve….my roommate from college in KC. I recall one day in 1970-71 ? going to visit his brother and he was painting the wall….I thought how strange it was. I was too stupid, too young and immature to realize what a great place it was and how great Steve and his brother were. I would love a chance someday to speak with Steve and apologize for being such a goofball back in college. With only a few words, he really set me straight. Those were the days….people could tell you the truth and you did not have to feel like you needed to retaliate or do something dumb. Thanks for your post.

  33. My first concert. Sly and the Family Stone………….. am I remembering this correctly. There was a fake grass floor which we sat on for seating . ???

  34. It was The Vanguard coffee house. Owned by Stan Plesser manager of Brewer and Shiply, Danny Cox and Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

  35. Nelson Clark says:

    I managed the music store in Freedom Palace when the Palace first opened. Mission Music was the parent store that sponsored the store. Bob Brown from KUDL was instrumental in coordinating some of the businesses that went into FP with the brothers that started FP. To my knowledge, the Cow Palace had no part in the FP. I remember some of the names (they come to me every now and then) but the concerts were beyond description. I have so many stories about the palace, I could probably write a book about them. I would like to dispel a couple of previous errors about the Who concert. Yes, we blew fuses, but the Who came back and finished their set after I encouraged their manager to do so. I have a memo from the Who (all signed) that I gave to my son for his birthday. I have since met a fellow who helped throw ice off the stage (Larry Baeder) who now lives and plays guitar in Key West. Larry has a storied guitar history and is an absolute phenom! Anyway…Leslie West played an SG Special that he bought in a pawn shop. He broke a strap while rehearsing at the FP and luckily we found one strap that fit him in one of our stores. I can remember the photography shop next to my music store. Mike was the photographer (his last name comes to me every now and then but not now. LOL) He took loads of photos of all the concerts but I cannot find Mike. He could publish a book with historic rock pictures. There were so many interesting people back then who helped paint, lay astro turf, build, sold dope, etc etc. Feel free to contact me about the Palace. It was such a great experience.

  36. Most people don’t even remember Freedom Palace,but it was in my acid days and we were at the WHO concert,packed to the max,hot,power kept going out.What a night ! My favorite venue was Memorial Hall,best place for being real close to stage. Now that I’m 61 I stopped doing acid but still smoke the good stuff,good for the back pain.

  37. Aleta Riggs-Harroun says:

    I was a member of the “family” that gutted the old pla-mor then rebuilt it into the Freedom Palace. I have a few ticket stubs and tickets, playbills, etc. I made sandwiches for Mountain, picked Canned Heat up at the airport. If interested in more info contact me at this e-dress. It was a crazy time but a rag tag group of hippies had a hell of a time.

  38. After reading Nelson’s post. I ran through what’s left of my memory. I know why I didn’t see the show after the second power outage. I was in the subbasement where the water shut offs were.(the bad thing). I remember now not being able to get back up because it was too crowded. Thanks Nelson.Still wondering where my reel to reel went? Is that were the bootleg came from?

  39. rccranor says:

    I also was a member of the “family” that worked on FP. It was a good “time” to be in KC. I still listen to Brewer and Shipley… never went to a concert at FP. One of the best concerts in KC, Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, and Joe Cocker… still a hippie in southern oregon

  40. Nelson Clark says:

    Hi Mark…that reel to reel up in the sound booth made some of the most awesome bootleg tapes ever. I don’t know who has the tapes but they could supplement a retirement!! LOL. One of the funniest moments came from Country Joe and the Fish. Coca Cola gave us some outrageous promotional pants that were white with the red coke logo all over them. Country Joe agreed to wear them on stage. They were so ludicrous in that age. Don’t know if coke ever got pics of that. One of my fondest moments was after the BB King concert…BB came to my music store after the Palace had cleared and pulled a guitar off the wall, sat down on an amp and played and talked with a few that were lucky enough to be around. What a great musician and human being.

  41. mark Haanstad says:

    The coffee house by Katz was the Sign. The Vanguard was at 43rd and Main. Nelson: yeah it was a good recorder. I was told by someone that it got confiscated by one of the bands. I remember the Coke pants.. LOL! Good times! Worth lugging those arc lights from ATC up those damn stairs!

  42. Jesse Rocha says:

    I met B B King outside of Freedom Palace, I had gone to show with a girl I knew her dad was a tailor at Rotschilds and knew B B. Warm up band was the Ides of March. I also tried to get in to see the Who, brought my tickets at Temple Slug? those days tickets were printed on business cards, and somebody printed up bogus tickets, so by the time I got to show it was packed and they were not letting anybody else in. Someone took us up fire escape and people were getting that way, one couple in front of us got stopped by a Fire Marshall, and he said no more! Damn my buddy Rick R. told me it was best show ever……….I missed it. Also saw Mountain there and they were fantastic!

  43. John Paussa says:

    I must have been a Jr in high school – North of the River. Probably 69 or 70. Some friends and I were walking up Main St. and this long haired dude was painting clouds on the front of a building (FP). We stopped and talked to him. He was John Leshke (not sure of the last name) mentioned above. He was great to us. Told us about what they were building, gave us a tour. He said that he and his brother (Jim?) owned it, or were behind it’s development anyway.
    He made us feel as if we were part of the ‘scene’ although we were suburban kids from up north! I had been playing around with liquid lightshows, just screwing around. I asked him, but they already had some folks taking care of that. “Go on up in the balcony, they are there now.” I went up, but these were older folk (than me), Westport hippies, and I felt a little out of place so I just said Hi and watched them rehearse.
    John told us of plans to have the Ballroom for concerts and community events, but also a music store, record store, and other heady businesses. They were installing the plastic grass – a novel idea, then and now! and finishing up the stage the day we were there.
    I saw Canned Heat open. They entered from the rear and walked up to the stage. Hite walked past my friend Tony, who said, “Bear, why do you sing such a sad song?” – a quote from on of their records. Bob handed Tony his plastic cup of beer and said something I don’t remember. Probably, ‘Here man.’ and walked up on stage.
    Saw many, many shows there. Sly and the Who about a year after Woodstock. I took an 8mm movie camera to the Who (7/2/70), hoping to catch some footage. All I got were a few frames that exposed when someone else happened to take a flash photo. Pretty poor, but at least something. Those are the shots up at OldKC.com. I would be glad to provide them here if there is some way to transmit them to you. Seems to me one has a pretty good shot of the stage itself with all of the white cloth draped behind it for the lightshow. Also ended up getting a bootleg CD of the Who show several years ago. Not much on quality, stealth recorder and all, and the constant electrical outages. But hey! it’s the Who at Freedom Palace!!!!!
    Was there for Mountain, Johnny Winter, and the Pink Floyd show that didn’t happen. One of the lucky ones who decided to stay anyway and got to see Grand Funk. Don’t think anyone (at least none of my circle) had ever heard of them. A few songs in and they had me rockin’. Saw a lot of shows there, but don’t recall specifics.
    Too bad that wonderful time in KC music wasn’t better documented. But hey, I got to be there! What’s better than that?
    Anyone remember the 6ft joint Halloween costume at Cowtown? I resemble THAT guy.

  44. Tuffy nolan says:

    I have a lot of memories of Freedom Palace both before it opened and after it opened. I was a run away at the time, and was staying at a place on 70th and College called the Pink Flat. It was a commune and into the Hippie scene. Anyways, we were some of the volunteer help in getting the Freedom Palace opened. I remember we were given free tickets to a few of the shows for our help. Canned Heat was the opening show, and I remember that I had never heard anything so loud in my life. I loved it . It had such an air about it, and the acid didn’t hurt either. Sure wish I could visit those days again. Sure was a lot of fun as I recall. Now the memories are fading and my health is fading [getting old ain’t for sissies you know]. I would like to see some of the people who lived at the pink flat sometime like Mike Castle, Jack Flash, Randy Goodnight, and others. This was a great time in my life, and would like to see it again.

  45. Some of my most wonderful memories in my teen age years was at the Freedom Palace .. It was an Oasis of like minded people in a VERY CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN part of the country . I was about 14 or 15 when I saw Ike and Tina Turner there doing Proud Mary. I was in the front row and was mesmerized by Tina’s Huge quivering , gold lamay thighs and the sweat being thrown off of her …. I also remember seeing Sly and the Family stone there as well and waiting for over an hour or so for Sly Stone to show up …. and of course Grand Funk Railroad , who destroyed my hearing for many years !!!! Everything being said . The best aspect of Freedom Palace was the Amazing light shows !! They were Top Notch . Works of pure art genius … THanks everyone for the wonderful memories taking me back over 45 years .

  46. Stephen Hutt says:

    Worked at Campus Mad House on Westport Rd. in ’70 and ’71. Do remember Fat Frank and Dennis Giangrecco? at the head shop next to Joe Penner’s on Main near Westport Rd. Regarding Freedom Palace, the only concert I specifically remember was Quicksilver Messenger Service. Just days or weeks prior to the concert, campus police shot and killed a KU student during campus protest and QMS was on that. Also saw QMS at Memorial Hall a year or so later and a 3rd time I can’t remember. re: previous posts–Pink Floyd was at Memorial Hall in ’74, not ’72, unless I am mistaken. Anyone else remember the tower speakers scattered throughout the audience? My friends wouldn’t go because it was on a Tuesday night and they had to go to work the next day. Qu’elle dommage.

  47. bbflamingo says:

    The Who at Freedom Palace July 2nd, 1970. Sat on the floor with my then 9 months plus pregnant wife. WAY crowded and killer hot. system blowouts over and over. My son was born 26 days later, he’s gonna be 45 July 28th and what a story for him to tell. Yes the fire marshals stopped people but you couldn’t get NEAR a fire exit…what fun!!!

  48. Great reading all these comments about concerts in the 60s. Kinda gives away our age’s. How about the concerts at memorial hall? So many good ones. Does anyone remember the Band Manchester Trafficway? They opened many times I think for Jefferson Airplane???

  49. I arrived in K.C. in 1969 travelling there with Joe Caven. We met Judy and Denise at the Sign and crashed with them at their place on the corner of 43 and Warwick. “Crazy Bob” hired me to drive so I met and worked with Steve Mitchell for a time . I sold the KC Free Press on the street for 25 cents. After that we all lived at 4050 Oak. Don Christensen lived there and was known as “Don Zeppo Spiderman” The Martz Bros. were from Belton and were friends of Judy and Denise. At a show at the Aquarius one night Frank, Donna and Bonnie sat behind me. I wore a black shirt that I had borrowed from Don. It had a red gothic eagle on the back. Frank leaned over and told me that Bonnie wanted to say hi but ahem I was over the line and ended up not doing that. This I regretted after seeing a black and white promo pic of her on the wall at Tiny Tim one afternoon. David Martz was a gifted artist and he painted the mural above the stairs. Frank had an encounter with the law having provided additional products from the store. I did construction work on the FP before the opening. One afternoon we ventured into the basement and found some old Pla Mor overhead score projectors. What great times and fine people thank you all.

  50. Hi, my name is Lee. I knew many of the people.places/events mentioned in the above posts. I left KC in 72 but have a lot of fond memories. I too wonder about the people where they are or if still living. I can say the following are deceased: Ray Dees from Chicago/John Dinsmore – Independence/Keith Leggett- Overland Park/ Tim Catron – Merriam/Merlin Stice- Merriam. David Doyle- KC North. JImmie Sparks is alive and well in Pine City, MN. I believe Dennis Giangreco is living. Steve Holtzclaw? Randy Goodnight? Randy Goodnight a long time ago I heard had died /Frank Zager? /Frank and David Martz?/Ray Petier and Nancy Angle?/David Neil- Overland Park? Saw Steve and Cathy Davidoff in Vacaville, CA 1974. Others I can’t remember. Enjoyed reminiscing.howardlsparks@gmail.com Lee Sparks

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