February 24, 2018

Punk/new wave posters

Here are some posters I saved from the early 1980s punk/new wave scene.

This poster is circa 1980, same as the photos in the previous post about the Music Box.

My faves, the Embarrassment, are represented with a poster from the same general time frame as the photos in the post below. Some of the other key punk venues are here, too: the VFW Hall, Louis Craig Post #18, 3027 Walnut St.; Parody Hall, upstairs at 811 W. 39th St., near Southwest Trafficway; and Lawrence, Kansas’ fabled Outhouse, carved out of a corn field three miles west of the city limits. (See map detail on how to reach it!)

Circa 1986

If you have memories of these places or these particular shows, please comment below.

These were my salad days, but I need lots more posters from every stage of the rock era, so please be in touch if you have items to donate to the cause. I only want to scan them! Email rick@kcrockhistory.com.

I didn't attend this show but loved the poster

Directions to The Outhouse, in a cornfield 3 miles east of Lawrence, Kan.

A reading by Wm. S. Burroughs opened for British aggro-noise outfit Whitehouse

Early '80s at Parody Hall on 39th Street.

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