February 24, 2018

Classmen meet the NewBeats

Classmen meet the NewBeats

Drew and Doug Dimmell were in high school when they formed the Classmen. The NewBeats had the nation’s #1 record, “Bread and Butter,” when they came to town in 1962, looking for a group to back them in two concerts.


  1. My wife and I met Larry Henley through mutual fiends in Nashville in 1981…he asked if I knew of the Newbeats and I sure did as I am a St.Louis disc jockey at former KXOK..I asked what he was doing now..still writing songs, like…”my new one is called “wind beneath my wings”! met Drew Dimmell a couple of years ago and what a class guy!

  2. tom sorrells says:

    Hi – I saw where Larry Henley died this week.

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