February 24, 2018

The people

A scene doesn’t just happen. People make it happen, and some of the most happening people were the promoters and club owners of Kansas City’s rock ‘n’ roll scene.

London Wood, feat. Mike WaggonerMany of their stories have multiple chapters — like Stan Plesser with his Vanguard coffee house and Cowtown Ballroom plus Good Karma Productions, or Mike Waggoner, a guitarist and veteran of such bands as the Chontels, London Wood and Morningstar, who later  became a promoter. His greatest hits as a promoter included Led Zeppelin’s first KC show at Memorial Hall.


  1. Keith Pittell says:

    The Chontels at Jo. Co. Rec Center!!

    Skip Pruitt explaining the different badges and decorations on his shirt during their intro tune (“It’s Alright”).

    Didn’t get any better than that…

  2. joel weinberg says:

    anybody with info on morningstar when joel weinberg, janet jameson, and scott donaldson were in the band, please email me, thanks

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