February 24, 2018

The bands

Sure, some acts have come close, like Brewer and Shipley and the Rainmakers. And some natives, like Byrd Gene Clark and James Brown protege Marva Whitney, have gone on the star with top-flight groups. But no rock superstar has yet emerged directly from the Kansas City area. Still, many fine groups have risen and fallen over the years. Who are/were your favorites?


  1. Mike Epstein says:

    Anyone remember the Gross National Product from 68-71? Anyone have photos of them?

  2. The Gear. They were the first punk band out of the KC area, (late 70s) and had great songs, and really knew how to play! They used to pack the joint when they played!

  3. Simon Worman says:

    anyone remember a band called Bushes, Trees and or Tall Grass, late 60s all I know is Bass player was a guy named Curt Shannon. Would Love to find this old friend

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